A red, white & blue plaid button-down shirt was found in our Williamsburg laundromat, along with many other laundry items. To claim this item, please call the Front Desk at 718.559.0434. To confirm that you are the owner, you'll have to identify two or more other pieces of laundry found with this shirt.

We know that all personal belongings are valuable to our self-service laundromat customers, and we always try to return any lost items to their owners. If the items are not claimed within 30 days, we will donate the items to charity.

Many Thanks,

Rattle & Hum Laundry Co.

Updated: 6 days ago

At Rattle Hum Laundry, we don’t judge our customers. If you give us a white shirt with a huge marinara stain right down the front of it, we just smile and show you our awesome Tide Sticks. Still, it might be convenient if you could remove stains as soon as they happen, rather than having to wait till you can do the laundry or risk doing something that might make the stain a permanent one.

As it turns out, there is an option. If you’ve ever seen a Tide Stick and wondered “what’s up with that?” you’re about to find out the answer. The Tide Stick is a stain remover.

  • What is it? The Tide Stick is a convenient tool for quickly removing stains, especially when you’re out in public and can’t do laundry right away. You can carry one in your purse or briefcase for those unexpected food or drink spills. All you have to do is excuse yourself, go somewhere private for a few minutes, and use your Tide Stick to remove the stain.

  • How does it work? The Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover (the Tide Stick’s official name) uses hydrogen peroxide, detergents, surfactants, and water to break up the molecules in a food stain, causing the stain to disappear. The Instant Stain Remover is strong enough to remove most food stains, but gentle enough to avoid damaging most garments.

  • The best way to use Tide Sticks: To use the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover, first remove any food bits with a napkin or tissue and then take the cap off your Tide Stick. All you need to do is to press the tip several times against the stain. Then wipe the Tide Stick across the stain to remove it from your garment.

  • Pros & Cons: There are advantages and disadvantages to using a Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover. The advantages are that the Tide Stick is convenient to carry around, easy to use, works without adding water, and is good at removing fresh food stains. The disadvantages are that it cannot remove stains that have already set, doesn’t work on blood, ink, grass, or grease stains, and can leave a white mark on some items of clothing. Before you use it on anything, try it on an area no one would usually see.

Now you know all about the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover, also known as the “Tide Stick.” The Tide Stick is only $5 and after you treat the stains with your Tide Stick, you will notice the difference. Happy Tide Stick!

What happens to socks that disappear in the wash? Do they get caught in the dryer somehow? Is an invisible Sock Troll responsible? There are a number of different theories, and here at Rattle Hum Laundry we’ve heard them all. We can’t tell you the answer, though – it’s just as much of a mystery to us as it is to everyone else.

It just seems to be a law of life, or a law of the laundry maybe. When you wash your clothes, you will always end up with a missing sock. Scratch your head all you want, but you’ll never find out what happened to its mate. An orphaned sock is no use to anyone, so the Missing Sock Mystery is enough to drive some people around the bend.

Never fear, though. Rattle Hum Laundry has got you covered. We’ve researched dozens of blogs to find the best solutions to the missing sock problem, and this is what we’ve come up with:

  • Homogenize Your Sock Collection: If you only wear black socks, or brown socks, or any other solid color, then the occasional missing sock won’t really matter. You’ll still be able to use its mate.

  • Use a Mesh Laundry Bag: If you wash all your socks in a medium-sized mesh laundry bag, they’ll stay together throughout the process. Not even the Sock Troll will be able to get to them.

  • Pin Socks Together: There are several variations on this one, including simply rolling the socks up and washing them as a pair, or using a clothespin. The most popular option seems to be a stainless-steel safety pin. You can keep them in a dish on top of your bureau when you’re wearing the socks and leave them pinned together the rest of the time. For whatever reason, socks never seem to disappear as a pair!

So, there you have it: Rattle Hum Laundry’s best tips to make sure you never lose another sock. Of course, you also have the option of just using our convenient Pickup service. If you have Rattle Hum Laundry pick up and deliver your laundry for you, we promise to take excellent care of every item – Sock Troll or no Sock Troll!