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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

A glass of red wine goes well with your dinner — not with your clothes. When the wine spills, time and technique are most important if you want to save your outfit. Here are a few ways to make sure the stain goes away.

  • Treat the stain fast With a bubbly beverage in hand, such as club soda or sparkling water, immediately flush the stained area. The bubbles help to move the stain out of the fabric.

  • Blot the area Blot the stained surface with a clean white cloth and pick up as much of the red wine as possible. To avoid spreading the stain, focus on blotting instead of rubbing.

  • Confirm fabric is color-safe Before you treat the stain, make sure the fabric is color safe to avoid causing more damage. If your item requires dry cleaning, blot thoroughly and head to the cleaners.

When treating the stain, consider these options:

  • Kosher salt Kosher salt is flatter than common salt, which allows more surface area to pull out the stain. After blotting the area, sprinkle kosher salt and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on overnight for best results and rinse with cold water.

  • Dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide Test out a hydrogen peroxide to soap ratio (1:1 or 1:3). If the area doesn’t become bleached, pour the solution on the stained area. Add more mixture if needed and wash immediately once the stain disappears.

  • Hairspray Spray a generous amount of hairspray on the red wine stain. Leave the stain for a few minutes and then wash on the highest heat setting. Be sure to follow the label’s care instructions.

  • Club soda Choose club soda over seltzer. Grab the brand that you have at home and apply it to the stain. Leave it overnight to get the best treatment.

  • White vinegar Fully cover the stain with white vinegar. Then apply a liquid laundry detergent. The vinegar neutralizes the stain while the detergent does the cleaning. Wash the clothes in hot water until the stain has been removed.

We want to see those red wine stains disappear, too. Give us a call at 718-559-0434 to see how we can help.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Fall is here, and cooler temperatures have arrived. Is it time to clean your bedding? Before you start loading the washing machine, here are a few recommendations for laundering your comforter while maintaining its quality.

1. Read the label

If your comforter says, “dry clean only,” don’t try washing it on your own. Instead, choose the dry-cleaning option to get a clean comforter without damage. Don’t skip out on reading the instructions — it’ll save time and your comforter.

2. Measure the machine

Depending on the size of your comforter, not every washing machine will be fit for the job. A large capacity washing machine is the best option. Comforters can be quite large, so they’ll need plenty of room during the spin cycle.

3. Wash alone Remember that most comforters are large. Launder your comforter alone to prevent a crowded washing machine that can lead to damage. Resist the urge to multi-task and add in a few extra towels.

4. Remove stains If you see stains, treat them before the wash cycle. If you need to whiten a comforter, soak it in a bleach solution (1/2 cup of regular bleach and 2 gallons of cool water) for five minutes. Then, wash your comforter according to the instructions on the label.

5. Use the right settings Set aside a mild detergent when it’s time to clean your comforter. It’s best to have an option with as few additives as possible. When it’s time to begin, choose mild to lukewarm water and a gentle cycle setting.

6. Add to the dryer For the final stage, select a low-drying cycle for your comforter. To avoid clumps that can occur in down comforters, add in tennis balls or wool dryer balls. Be sure to dry your comforter without other items.

7. Don’t rush drying You might want to stick close while your comforter is drying. Although the process can take a few hours, it’s helpful to fluff your comforter to make sure that it is completely dry. A damp comforter can host mildew and mold.

Whether you’re looking for a large washing machine or a dry-cleaning service, give us a call at 718-559-0434. We’ll clean and care for your bedding this fall.