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Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Williamsburg NY

Do you need laundry pickup & delivery in Williamsburg? Call Rattle & Hum Laundry Co. to arrange for a pickup! A driver will come to your home to pick up your dirty laundry (and items to be dry cleaned) and will return the next day to deliver your clean clothes. In addition to regular laundry, we also dry clean sensitive garments that cannot be washed with regular washers and dryers.

Pickup & Delivery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

More and more people these days are getting all their goods and services delivered, and laundry and dry cleaning are no exceptions. The one thing that is lacking in most delivery services is the quality of customer service – and that’s especially true with laundry delivery. At Rattle & Hum Laundry Co. in Williamsburg, our highest priority is to provide not only the most reliable, professional laundry pickup & delivery, but also exceptional customer service.

From the online desktop and mobile app experience, to our phone communications and your interactions with our drivers, we want you to feel that your items are in the most capable hands in the industry. For pickup & delivery in Williamsburg, call Rattle & Hum Laundry Co.

We want to offer a white-glove service experience without the white-glove cost!


Convenient, Reliable, and Professional

Delivery services, in general, can be lacking in proper customer service, often automating everything and being very impersonal. Our approach at Rattle & Hum Laundry Co. is the exact opposite of that. We call, email, or text to maintain open communications with our customers and ensure that they are 100% happy with their order. Here are a few of the things that set us apart:

  • Our wash & fold team is rigorously trained to meet our high quality standards and to follow all customer directions.

  • Our front desk attendants’ priority is always customer satisfaction. Whether on the phone or in person, the customer should feel that they are heard and taken care of.

  • We know that laundry items are quite personal and valuable – and we treat them as such.

  • We do our best to communicate clearly so there are no misunderstandings or mistakes with your order.


Rattle & Hum Laundry Co. is your best choice for pickup & delivery in Williamsburg!

 Pickup & Delivery Referral Promotion

As a pickup & delivery customer of Rattle & Hum Laundry Co., you are entitled to $10 off your next order when you refer a new customer! Not only that, but the person you refer is also entitled to $10 off their first order!

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