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How to Approach Laundry for Newborns and Infants

At Rattle & Hum Laundry Co., one of the questions we get asked most often is how to approach laundry for newborns and infants. Should you use a fragrance-free or unscented detergent, a brand specifically designed for babies, or the regular brand you use for all your clothes?

The truth is that some babies do react to chemicals found in regular laundry detergents, the most common result of which is a rash. So, what’s the best way to prevent this problem? If your baby has a rash and you suspect your laundry detergent is to blame, the first step is to switch from your standard brand to a fragrance-free brand. Fragrances are often the cause of the problem.

Avoid brands described as “unscented.” These aren’t the same as fragrance-free detergents, because the fragrance is simply masked so that the detergent doesn’t have a strong scent. In fact, it still contains a fragrance and can still irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. You need to pick a brand described as “fragrance-free,” like Tide Free & Gentle or Free Clear.

In addition, you should pick a brand that is dye-free and hypoallergenic. A plant-based detergent Like Tide PurClean Plant Based or Seventh Generation Free & Clear can also help, although it’s not strictly necessary.

If you want go one step further you can pick a laundry detergent designed especially for babies. Options include Berkley Green Concentrated Baby Laundry Detergent, Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent, and Dreft Stage 1 Laundry Detergent for Newborns.

If you have your washing done by Rattle & Hum Laundry Co., just tell us if you have a newborn or infant with sensitive skin. We can use a fragrance-free detergent at your request, to ensure that your baby’s skin stays nice and comfortable! At Rattle & Hum Laundry Co., we’re happy to help!


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