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Laser Hair Removal

Do vein treatments hurt?

Patients describe a range of sensations from tingling to the snap of a rubber band during the treatment.

How long are the treatments?

Treatments can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated

The benefits of laser hair removal

As we age, we start finding hair in more places where we don’t want it, and sometimes enough is enough. Laser hair removal is highly sought-after as an effective and worthwhile treatment to banish that unwanted hair. The benefits of laser hair removal with the cynosure elite laser cannot be exaggerated: - No downtime
- Quick treatment
- It can be used all over the body
- Leaves the treated area smooth and stubble-free Long-lasting results
- Fewer hair returns after every treatment
- Fewer treatments are required
- No shaving, no worries!

How many treatments are needed?

A series of treatments may be needed to fully clear blood vessels and reduce the appearance of the veins completely. Typically, one to four sessions are needed for desired results.

What kind of results can I expect?

Many patients experience immediate improvement in the appearance of their veins following the treatment followed by continued improvement over the next week.

Laser Genesis: THE ultimate collagen-building facial!

How does Laser Genesis work?

Rejuvenated skin can generally be seen after just 6-8 days following a procedure, with results further improving over time. A course of sessions (serial treatments) is usually recommended to achieve optimal results.

Is Dermapen safe?

Serious side effects are unlikely to occur. The procedure is minimally invasive, which means there is virtually no downtime, and the healing process is quick. Common side effects such as redness, stinging, itching, and tightness of the skin will generally subside within 48 hours with proper post-care treatment.

Who should not have a treatment?

Inflamed skin, open wounds, active acne or pustular rosacea, dermatitis or infection, pregnant, abnormal wound healing, frequent use of topical or oral steroids, active cold sores (anti-virals should be taken if you have a history of cold sores), blood coagulation disorders, auto-immune diseases, sunburn, Botox® within 48 hours before treatment, diabetes, history of keloid scars, Accutane use within 6 months.

How often should I do Laser Genesis?

Going in for a Laser Genesis treatment is actually very relaxing—much like a luxurious facial would be, but more effective. There might still be those out there that want to spend upwards of a $100 on a traditional facial where the skin is steamed and a mask is put on, but for those that are serious about their skin, upping the ante with a Laser Genesis facial is money well spent. While it can take up to six treatments to see optimal results from a Laser Genesis, it will really pay off in the long run. Traditional facials will not stimulate collagen regrowth or get rid of sunspots and diminish pores but a Laser Genesis facial will. Laser Genesis also diffuses the facial redness that accompanies rosacea. Laser Genesis is the ultimate lunchtime procedure—your skin will be completely rejuvenated in under a half hour, getting you back to your office before lunch hour is over.

What does it feel like?

Most patients describe the sensation of Laser Genesis to be like the warm sun touching their face. Relaxing and without any pain or discomfort at all, this procedure is very much the equivalent of a calming facial—with far more benefits of course. A handheld device moves back and forth across the skin creating a sensation of warmth. Stimulating collagen growth, Laser Genesis has proven incredibly effective for treating a broad range of skin complexion issues.

What are the benefits?

Beyond a firmer, tighter and more even complexion, this procedure has been used to treat sunspots and lessen the size of pores. It’s also been very beneficial for addressing chronic conditions such as rosacea as well as helping to diminish the effects of acne scarring and discoloration.

Does It hurt?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive procedure that is completely painless. Most people report feeling a warm tingling during the treatment

How long does it take?

With each painless treatment lasting under half an hour, the procedure can be quickly performed even on your lunchbreak. And patients can return to work immediately after, as there is no downtime.

How many treatments will I need?

The number and frequency of treatments will depend upon your skin type, any problems that you may be experiencing and the desired results. Usually, clients have a series of 3-6 treatments spaced about a month apart before they start noticing the results. But when the results do take effect, you’ll notice a dramatically smoother skin surface, a glowing skin tone and a radiantly more youthful looking complexion overall. Each patient is different, so it is important to schedule a consultation to find out precisely what you will need and how many Laser Genesis treatments may be required.

Laser vein removal


Benefits: - Acne
- Sun damage Blackheads
- Improves skin Tone Improves skin Texture Millia - Age Spots